SoulSlide Now Available! Click to Download

SoulSlide Now Available! Click to Download

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SoulSlide Reviews:


"Refreshing as a tall glass of water straight from a mountain stream, Plankenhorn (or Plank, as he is known) either wrote or co-wrote most of the work on the album...making him, in my opinion, one of the finest songwriters in the business."​  

"SoulSlide is blues and roots music as it was meant to be heard and as it had been played in juke joints, roadhouses and similar establishments and gatherings in ages past...the real deal.   This recording is worthy of a Blues Music Award (Handy Award), without question."  -  Bill Wilson - Reflections in Blue

"Anyone who loves that humid place where the blues and rock spill into gospel shouldn't miss this."  Madison Searle - Texas Music Magazine April 2016

"Enlisting Steve Bruton's old back up band to help him follow in the trail blazed by ZZ Top, tumbleweeds roll though patches of sacred steel and dobro from Mars as this party rocks on through the night and into the parking lot." Chris Spector - Midwest Record 

"Plank is a musical chameleon..."

"SoulSlide brings together three sides of Jeff Plankenhorn as he remembers the Soul and Funk music he heard growing up, the bluegrass studies that came as a result of time in Nashville, and the singer/songwriter traditions of Texas that grew in his music upon moving to Austin."

"Soul music is all around the insides of SoulSlide, the recent Jeff Plankenhorn release. The album does not slide as much as wade right into the deep end of Soul music, spreading it across the Blues and Rock that fills out the tracks." Danny McCloskey - The Alternate Root